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Tau Devi Lal Memorial College

Tau Devi Lal Memorial College of Education was established by Jat Dharmarth Sabha ( Reg. No. 00944) In 2003. The aim of Jat Dharmarth Sabha was to insure better education in rural area of Panipat City. It is Co-Educational College. It is situated on NH-1 Village Manana. Distt. Panipat. The college is well equipped with necessary modern infrastructure such as computer laboratory with latest computer systems, spacious and comfortable classrooms, students’ room outdoor sports facility, a library with the latest books and titles of National publishers, and Journals/periodicals besides canteen. People of any state can make progress if the standard of education in elevated. In order to make it happen, it is very imperative to prepare quality teachers who have professional competency and mission for teaching and thus improve the standard of education. Keeping in view the requirement of the area. Our College also organize social activities. Tau Devi Lal Memorial College is Best Teacher Educational Institution in Panipat City.

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    Tau Devi LalCollege Samalkha

    Simran Kaur

    “ I feel provileged to have an opportunity to study in Tau Devi Lal Memorial College . It is an institution of National eminence on the sphere of legal education. The main feature of this College is its eminent and learned faculty members and the environment here is very comfortable for students. Seminars, Visits, Guest Lectures, other competition etc are regularly organized here. It trainends the students for becoming teaching until the time they complete their course tenure on campus.
    Tau Devi LalCollege Samalkha


    “The day I took admission, I was not sure of my aim but five years grooming in the institute made me firm about my aim/ambition in life. I feel now I am capable of excelling in the legal field. My institute led by the President Mr. Subash Kuhar, our principal mam and the faculty members have greatly contributed in inculcating human values apart from the formal legal education, for which I shall be always indebted to them forever.”
    Tau Devi LalCollege Samalkha


    “ TDLM is a centre of teaching defined by a culture of academic excellence and innovation. That mission involves retaining and attracting outstanding faculty, encouraging them to create programs that draw the best students, students learning from faculty who are leaders in their fields and shaping an intellectually rich environment both inside and outside the classroom. In reaching for excellence, TDLM seeks to take academic and embrace diversity among faculty members, staff and students to ensure the widest possible range of perspectives. ”
    Tau Devi LalCollege Samalkha


    “The legal Schools today looks for attorney graduates who have had abundant practical exposure. TDLM students go for a Sessions allow us to keep our minds sharp with live cases and discussion. Our profiles are enriched by frequency of that we participate in and every session here is literally like a mock preparation. We get to have extensive interaction with luminaries who keeps us on our toes to constantly stay updated to sharpen our skills better.”
    Tau Devi Lal College Samalkha


    “ These 2 years are going to be the most memorable years of my life. College ends here, but it's a start to a new beginning. It was a wonderful experience of my college life. I have learned a lot of things here, which may be no other institute would have given me, teachers are very supporting, they always support me and motivates me for learning new things. I am very glad to be a part of this college."
    Tau Devi LalCollege Samalkha


    “ Hi, I'm Tarun of B.ED 2015-2017 batch in TDLM. You can either be proud of getting a degree from a prestigious college like TDLM or you can make your college proud of having prestigious alumni like you - Choice is Yours. In first year I was Ms. Fresher 2015 and in 2017. I became Mr. Farewell, how can I forget these, it was possible only beacuse of the learning experience of TDLM that I was able to amintain this position. I can proudly say that I'm part of TDLM and will miss my teachers who are like supporters to me and guide me not only in my career but also in different phases of my life whenever I need their guidance. Thank You TDLM for your such a memorable journey. ”

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