“Good Teachers Know How To Bring Out The Best In Students”

Charles Kuralt

Tau Devi Lal Memorial College of Education was established by Jat Dharmarth Sabha ( Reg. No. 00944) In 2003. The aim of Jat Dharmarth Sabha was to insure better education in rural area of Panipat City. It is Co-Educational College. It is situated on NH-1 Village Manana. Distt. Panipat. The college is well equipped with necessary modern infrastructure such as computer laboratory with latest computer systems, spacious and comfortable classrooms, students’ room outdoor sports facility, a library with the latest books and titles of National publishers, and Journals/periodicals besides canteen. People of any state can make progress if the standard of education in elevated. In order to make it happen, it is very imperative to prepare quality teachers who have professional competency and mission for teaching and thus improve the standard of education. Keeping in view the requirement of the area. Our College also organize social activities. Tau Devi Lal Memorial College is Best Teacher Educational Institution in Panipat City.